• Increased maintenance cost?

    that is affecting your bottomline profits.

  • Plagued with Equipment Damage?

    Increasing further your Operational Costs.

  • Seeking A Solution?

    To achieve High Equipment Serviceability & Lower Downtime.

  • Posel Technological Solutions

    your Partner in Proactive Preventive Maintenance

  • High performance yachts

    Solutions for the Marine Industry

  • EURO VI Compliant

    Solutions for the Transport Industry

  • Construction & Industrial

    Solutions for the Construction Industry

  • Light Trucks to Offroad Rigs

    Solutions for Small Management Enterprises & Consumers

  • From Everyday to High Performance vehicles

    Solutions that surpasses manufacturers requirements

  • POSEL is Your Partner in Improved Efficiency & ProActive Maintenance Solution

    Specialised in Land & Marine Fleet Maintenance

    Fuel Tank Cleaning and Fuel Quality Solutions
    Mobile Vehicle General Servicing
    Portable Water Filtration Solutions

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