CleanBoost Filtration

Combust Filters has developed the ultimate oil engine by-pass filtration  system for small to large diesel and CNG engines. If you are having problems with your fuel, fuel storage or contamination control of your fuel, Combust Filters has a solution there as well.

Our “Combust Filters Oil By-Pass Filtration System” provides

  • true 3 Micron filtration
  • 100% Water Removal
  • Soot Removal
  • Extended Engine Life
  • Pollution Prevention
  • and Reduced Oil Consumption.

By keeping the oil free of moisture contamination and particulates larger than 3 microns your engine oil will have reduced Oxidation, Nitration, while maintaining required oil viscosity and TBN for proper lubrication.



We developed our systems with you and your fleet in mind. Our system incorporates only the best technology and high quality construction, for ease of use and installation. Our synthetic  and Cellulose filter media provides consistent 3 micron filtration ensuring all harmful wear metals are removed in a single pass.  Engine life is substantially increased by keeping your oil pure and clean.

Custom filtration carts for fuels and lubes are designed to help filter tanks on both mobile and stationary equipment. Combust Filter Carts can work with small 25 gallon tanks to 100,000 gallon tanks depending on your needs.

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