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CleanBoost EMT (Engine Metal Treatment)

CleanBoost® EMT Engine Metal Treatment is truly a new and unique lubrication chemistry.

It provides a vastly superior level of protection without using Chlorinated Paraffin, Chlorinated Olephins, Graphite, Boron, Teflon (PTFE) or solvents. EMT’s unmatched lubrication technology extends oil life and greatly reduces engine , transmission and gearbox component wear. CleanBoost® is not spending millions on hype, instead we have spent our money on producing the finest lubricant package available.

Mettle Plus™ (Metal Treatment) using moly based technology can help with the reduction of ZDDP's in today's engine oils. Mettle Plus™ has stabilizing anti-oxidant's and very unique metal deactivators to assure that Mettle Plus™ performs well in engine applications and gear oils applications not changing the chemical make up of the oil. The oil acts like a delivery truck carrying the Mettle Plus ™ to the asperities of the metals and forming a covalent, galvanic bond to the metal allowing a 2 to 4 micron penetration into the metal, creating a smooth less friction and heat. Mettle Plus™ does not layer the metal or put a film over the top of the metal, it is designed to penetrate the surface of the metal working with ferrous particulates within the oils environment, it treats the metal, not the oil.

CleanBoost® EMT™ technology can help with the reduction of ZDDP's in today's diesel and HD engine oils. CleanBoost® EMT™ contains stabilizing anti-oxidants and very unique metal deactivators to assure it performs well in all engine and gear applications.

Can be used in industrial gear boxes as well as rear differentials and race car reverser units. The oil acts like a delivery truck carrying the CleanBoost® EMT™ to the asperities of the metals and forming a covalent, galvanic bond to the metal allowing a 2 to 4 micron penetration into the metal, creating less friction and heat.

CleanBoost® EMT™ is the same product used in manufacturing our popular CleanBoost® 70W™ Racing Oil, CleanBoost® 20W50™ Racing Oil and our Diesel Duty™ Engine Oils. It is EMT™ that allows these oils to perform under very extreme conditions.

These top fuel and alcohol dragsters have engines with up to 10,000 horsepower, which is about twice as powerful as the engines installed on modern Diesel locomotives!

The pressures inside these engines is ridiculous... yet many of these teams quietly use CleanBoost® EMT™ and the CleanBoost® 70W™ Racing Oil fortified with EMT™, as the key to keeping these extreme nitro methane and alcohol injected engines from coming apart during these very competitive racing events. It's also used in their drive axles, reverser gear units and anywhere else the Crew Chief sees fit for it's use to protect expensive components.


Remember that countless hours of testing and refining went into CleanBoost® EMT™ before it was released for sale. It had to be just right. The formula had to work and work every time. The results had to speak for themselves. And as you have heard and read above, they do indeed.

Today, you can buy this technology to protect your expensive engines and other mechanical components and rest with complete peace of mind, know your vehicle is protected with the finest engine and metal treatment available anywhere.



CleanBoost® EMT Trucking, Mining, Racing and Industrial Specialist choose Mettle Plus over Chlorine based products. EMT blends well with mineral and synthetic lubricants used in diesel, gasoline, and CNG engines. Works as a superior extreme pressure boundary layer lubricant in manual transmissions and gearboxes.

CleanBoost® EMT Provides extreme pressure lubrication for camshaft break-in that eliminates camshaft and valve train failures during the first 30 minutes of new engine start up.



CleanBoost® EMT Will NOT change the chemical makeup of the OEM oil manufacture's specs of Phosphorus, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium and other important detergents .

CleanBoost® EMT Is designed to interact with metal surfaces in a molecular and chemical process to create a protective buffer on the surface of the metal.

CleanBoost® EMT Reduces component wear on start up because the metal is treated, not the oil.

CleanBoost® EMT Reduces friction which reduces heat which extends oil life by reducing oxidation of the oil.

CleanBoost® EMT Provides a boundary layer between metal-to-metal areas where the film strength of oils are seriously thinned and is often completely depleted
due to reduced clearances.


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