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CleanBoost Fuel Pill

CleanBoost Fuel Pill
Safe for your Engines | Cleaner for the Environment | More Savings for your bank account

CleanBoost Fuel Pills are designed using the same technology as our CleanBoost liquid products. With extensive testing in place to assure proper performance, CleanBoost Fuel Pills will dramatically reduce the carbon particulate emissions while giving the fuel a chance to burn more complete in the combustion chamber.

CleanBoost Fuel Pills are EPA Registered.

CleanBoost Fuel Pills can be used in Diesel and Gasoline applications.

CleanBoost Fuel Pills promote a more efficient fuel burn; this improves the environment and makes for healthier running equipment.


CleanBoost Fuel Pills chemistries clean deposits on valves and valve stems as well as in fuel pumps and injectors by interacting with the metal surfaces and removes these deposits.

CleanBoost Fuel Pills improves Fuel Economy as the carbon deposits are removed from internal engine components.

CleanBoost Fuel Pills reduces CO, NOx, SOx, HC and particulates emission when the deposits have been reduced or removed.

CleanBoost Fuel Pills reduces Exhaust Gas Temperatures when more of fuel's energy is released during the combustion phase. Lower Exhaust Temperatures are due to decreased CO2 production during the exhaust phase resulting in noticeably cooler exhaust gases.

CleanBoost Fuel Pills tend to produce smaller and less abrasive particles during the combustion process. That along with the removal of carbon deposits result in cleaner, longer lasting engine oil which lead to reduced engine wear.

CleanBoost Fuel Pills Dyno tests show an increase in horsepower and an increase in octane when used in gasoline engine applications.

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