Magic Bluetooth Keyboard, TouchPad & Magnetic Case For iPad Pro 2020 11 & 12.9, iPad Air 4 10.9

2020 The all‑new iPad Bluetooth Magic keyboard with touch case . Work from home. Class at home. Essential iPad Keyboard

The all‑new Magic Touch Keyboard is an amazing companion for iPad Pro. It features the ultimate in comfort typing experience ever on iPad, allowing you to attach iPad Pro magnetically and adjust it to the perfect viewing angle at your comfort

Applicable Models:
  • For Apple iPad Air 4 10.9  4th Generation  (A2072 A2316 A2324 A2325)
  • For Apple iPad Pro 11 2018 1th Generation  (A1980 A1934 A1979 A2013)
  • For Apple iPad Pro 11 2020 2th Generation  (A2228 A2231 A2068 A2230)
  • For Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2018 3th Generation (A1876 A2014 A1895 A1983)
  • For Apple iPad Pro 12.9 2020 4th Generation (A2229 A2069 A2032 A2233)
  • The touchpad of the keyboard is only compatible with iOS13 or higher. Touchpad Keyboard press "Fn+C" to Turn on Bluetooth pairing.
  • ​iPad connection to mouse requires the following specific steps : Accessibility--Touch--Assistive Touch--Devices
  • The Keyboard is English Letters Keyboard, But You Can Enter All of Other Languages You Want After You Setting Other Language and Keyboard in Your iPad well. 


  • M - with mouse
  • Touch - TouchPad
  • 7C - 7 colour backlit keyboard

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