Digital LCD Display Tyre Pressure Gauge Air Inflator Tool


  • Cast aluminium alloy body with valve,Brass Chuck with Clip
  • Built in bleed for lowering pressure
  • Measures tire pressures from 0-200psi
  • Displays KGF, BAR, PSI, KPA measurement
  • LCD display with backlight for easy reading
  • Pistol grip control handle cast aluminium handle with valves
  • Portable size great to keep in car and simple to use
  • Perfect for most Car, Truck, Motorcycle and Bike
How to Use
  1. Screw off the knot of tire valve.
  2. Fix the copper head of the gauge to the valve
  3. The device will show the pressure.
  4. You need to find an inflatable pump and gas pipe to connect the inflatable mouth and hold the handle of the product inflate it through the inflator, when pressure is low or vice versa.
  5. After the measurement, screw off the copper head and press the air bleed to make the indicator to 0.
  • Product Name : Digital Tyre Inflator
  • Material : aluminum alloy copper rubber
  • Display mode : LCD digital display
  • Pressure unit : four units can be switched PSI, KPa, Bar, Kgf/cm^2
  • Measuring range : 3 ~ 200PSI / 14BAR / 14Kgf / cm ^ 2
  • Working temperature : -10 to 50 ° C
  • Battery : 2 x AAA Batteries (Not Included)
  • Hose Length : 36cm(14in)
  • Button function : open key (left), unit switch key (right)
  • Working voltage : DC3.1V (with a pair of 1.5V 7 batteries) can be replaced
  • LCD battery symbol flashes when battery voltage is lower than 2.5V
  • Working current : ≤3MA or less (with backlight); ≤1MA or less (without backlight)
  • Static current : ≤5UA
  • Quantity : 1 Set
Package includes
1 x Car Digital Tire Air Pressure Inflator Gauge

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